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The National Obituary Registry, LLC is an easy and accurate tool for posting and searching obituary notices nationwide, tracing family genealogy records, and creating a memorial in honor of your loved one.

This website is not only for sharing death notice information, but also for honoring the memories and life stories of the departed. It is a collection of legacies, thoughts, and remembrances.

Use of the National Obituary Registry includes:

  • Free search
  • One-year or lifetime posting options
  • Personalized webpages in honor of the deceased
  • Access to other funeral arrangement resources

How to Search and Submit
To Search for an Obituary- Simply enter the person’s first and/or last name and state. A complete list of matches will appear for your review. There is no cost for searching a name on the National Obituary Registry.

To Submit an Obituary- Obituaries may be submitted and posted for one year at a cost of $175, or a permanent listing may be purchased for $250. This is a significantly more cost-effective way to share death notices, as newspapers charge from $50 to $350 to run an obituary for just one day, also making it difficult for out-of-town friends and family to find the obituary.

The National Obituary Registry will allow you to create and display a full webpage complete with family photos or emblems/symbols of importance to the deceased.